conscious art for you and your babe

who is inkpony? April 8, 2008

inkpony is fueled by two mamas of beautiful babies who seek to create conscious art. we share ideas and inspirations, then tackle realities and, finally, create, so that the end product is the best we have to offer.

our main ‘shop-home’ is located at 9,300 ft. in the wasatch mountain range of utah. it is there that most images are inspired and all prints are transferred. all of our onesies and t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton that is dyed with non-toxic, azo-free dyes to create an array of vibrant colors to choose from. we also produce our own images and designs for screenprinting, and our prints are done with non-toxic, water-based inks.

in continuing with our vision of creating a product with the lowest environmental impact, we use scrap material, recycled picture frames, and remnant cloth to build our screens. our philosophy is geared toward simple style: good for you, good for the earth. we just hope you like what you see.

as far as who we are? read on…

e: in 2002 erica moved to park city, ut from colorado, but her roots are originally in north carolina. it was there she got her bachelors of science in health promotion, and then slowly began her trek westward in search of bigger mountains and better snow. after traveling and living in colorado life planted her in park city…it is here that she remains. yoga became an ever increasing part of her life (since beginning as a teenager with her mom), as did the desire to teach. so she became a yoga instructor and has been teaching and learning ever since. aside from inkpony, she fills her time being a student and teacher of yoga and tai chi chuan, a snowboarder, a djembe player, a grant writer for a local non-profit, and a mother to beautiful ajna and 2 crazy dogs.

juliana: * obsesses over tony chachere’s cajun spice. * was once known to be a late-night track star. hurdles was her thing. * married her love, benjamin, after 3 months of getting to truly know one another through letters * was due with her first child, alasdair, one year–to the date–after her + ben’s first date * is now pregnant with their 2nd + final, a little lady * was born in new orleans and lived in 17 houses (missouri, hawaii, idaho) before graduating high school * thought she was a twin until the age of 7 * attended Utah State. obtained a ba in literary studies + french * traveled + lived abroad in france for 17 months * loves idaho, mostly the smell * now resides at 9,300 feet in the wasatch of utah with her family: ben, alasdair, lady to be and the animals: morley, koia and red. 2 dogs and a cat. meow. * loves her isolation. it’s lovely.

as far as ju + e go…well, it’s short and sweet. upon meeting at mommy + baby yoga they became fast friends. they share a mutual love for their families, babies, good times, the friendship of one another, and their budding little business. they’ve been conspiring to bring you conscious, wearable, usable art ever since 🙂


One Response to “who is inkpony?”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Yo chikas, where are your pics?? Yes, your babies are adorable and we also want to see you and maybe some shots of the process? I think the site looks great really and I will send it to all I can think might be interested. Awesome that you’re doing this and awesome that you’ve become such great friends.

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