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it’s who we are, a bit of what we do. January 25, 2009

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erica, a pony, sent this informative email out to friends + family about a month ago to introduce the business of inkpony. thought I’d share it here as well:

Hello to all of you,
inkpony is here! For those of you not familiar with inkpony let me catch you up to speed…
inkpony began as a little seed…a spark really…a seemingly far away idea…and has finally grown into fruition as a little company. It is piloted by 2 women (myself + juliana). Our goal is to be as friendly to the earth as possible so that you can feel good about what you’re buying and so that we as a company can feel good about our environmental footprint.
Right now we are screenprinting 100% cotton onesies and toddler t-shirts. The fabric is organically dyed, and our screen printing inks are non-toxic and lead free. Every ‘piece’ is unique…we have not made any 2 the same. We make our own screens using scrap material, recycled picture frames, and remnant cloth, and we produce all of our own designs. We will soon be adding screenprinted(on recycled paper) cards/invitations, rag quilts and bags, plush dolls and maternity wear.
Our official website ( is under construction so please refer to our etsy site for the time being at and you can view and purchase from there. We love custom orders so please let us know if you have a specific request.
Up to this point we have been mostly word of mouth…we have just begun with this site and are in the midst of production of new images so be patient with us as we post our items. Remember…every item is completely original when it comes to clothing color, design, and design color. You will see some similar pieces, but no 2 are exactly the same. We hope you will check in with us for purchases for ‘little ones’ and check back w/ us as the holiday season approaches for our new website and new items.
Much love to all of you,


… and, much love to all of you, too. ju.


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